People Flock to Wonder Con

San Diego Comic Con had a new record on selling out of tickets to the public this year. The tickets for all available days plus preview night sold out on the convention floor on the last day of San Diego Comic Con last year. When tickets went online to the public, tickets sold out before … Continue reading


This week I finally bit the bullet and researched online password managers. The sad fact is that I’ve been using the same two passwords – one for secure sites like banking and one for social sites like Facebook – my entire online life and that’s just bloody stupid. After doing some research on the whole … Continue reading


Technophobia Pronunciation: \ˌtek-nə-ˈfō-bē-ə\ Function: noun Date: 1965 : fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices and especially computers I can promise you that you probably won’t find an online community of people that have this phobia. Technophobia is more common among the elderly, though some of the younger people get it as well … Continue reading

Dragon Age II Preview – Warning Spoilers!

Bioware makes RPGs that have an amazing story and for allowing the player control over the relationships with non player characters (NPCs) and the game world’s events. In Dragon Age Origins, your character was recruited as a Warden to fight the spreading taint of Darkspawn and put an end to threatening Blight. You choose allies, … Continue reading

Ahoy! It be talk like a pirate day!

It be that special time o’ t’ year where you can smell t’ salt breeze, a sudden desire t’ pillage, and take t’ the high seas. Yup, you have got it all starboard. You have been infected with Talk Like A Pirate Day! Every year on September 19th many across t’ world have begun t’ … Continue reading